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Sales CRM

Leave selling to your salespeople—and the rest, to your CRM. With Notifi, select specific lead criteria + an optimized schedule to guide your automated outreach and follow up activity.

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Consolidated Leads Inbox
Notifi combines all your leads into a single inbox for faster reach out and automatic workflows. It's easy to use, helps you stay organized, and keeps you updated in real time.
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Notifi offers best-in-class customizable call software for outbound. Get built-in VoIP and SMS, plus automation features like Call Assistant, Power Dialer, Predictive Dialer, and Call Coaching to speed through your outreach with ease.
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Tasks + your team
Set Tasks for yourself and other team members within leads. Note unique actions that aren’t in your normal workflow, or seek help from a team member to share an update, provide support, and more.

Field Management Software

Let your teams focus on their tasks— and leave the coordination to Notifi. Set specific job parameters, efficient routing and dispatching, quoting, invoicing, and payments all in one place to streamline your scheduling and task tracking.

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Scheduling & Dispatching
Keep your operations smooth with Notifi. Plan and assign jobs effortlessly, ensuring the right person is dispatched at the right time. With tools for real-time scheduling and efficient dispatch, Notifi simplifies your day-to-day operations.
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Easily create quotes, generate invoices, and process payments, all from one platform. With automatic follow-ups on quotes and invoices, Notifi ensures timely payments and keeps your finances in check.
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Reputation Management
Manage your online reputation effortlessly with Notifi. Boost your presence on Google Reviews, monitor feedback, and respond quickly. Notifi helps you maintain a positive image and engage effectively with your customers.


Leave selling to your salespeople—and the rest, to your CRM. With Notifi, select specific lead criteria + an optimized schedule to guide your automated outreach and follow up activity.

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Manage your leads, contacts, and sales processes easily with Notifi. Set up automatic reminders and follow-ups to keep your sales team on track and ensure no opportunity is missed. Notifi helps you keep everything organized and moving smoothly, making sure your team stays connected and efficient.
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No Learning Curve
Workflows are designed for busy sales and operation people who don’t have time to learn complex new tools. Once you’re in Notifi, start creating your first Workflow right away. It's designed to seamlessly integrate into your sales or operation processes, allowing you to stay focused on what matters most—running the business.
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Hone + repeat your best formulas
With Notifi, your reps can easily clone and customize proven templates, refining their sales strategies for optimal results. Save and share templates in just one click, empowering your team to continuously improve and scale their success.

Virtual Phone Systems

Robust reporting features help your sales team make smarter decisions and boost revenue. With Notifi, use built-in dashboards, or customize reports to your needs.

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More calling, less effort
Simplify your tech and lower spend with built-in calling. Our calling features offer customizable settings that mold to your team seamlessly, with no additional fees.
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Inclusive core features
Drop one-click voicemails via existing numbers, prospect globally, track and record calls—and so much more. All calling activity is captured and converted into insightful reports.
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Call Assistant
Never take notes again. Notifi will automatically transcribe your conversations and produce an accurate summary––complete with action items.

Real stories, happy clients

Scheduling’s a breeze with Notifi. Really helps me out.
Bob Turner
Owner of Turner Plumbing
Notifi? It's straightforward for managing our daily jobs.
Carl Jennings
Director of Pro Maintainence Service
For hours and job tracking, Notifi does the job without complications.
Kevin Doyle
Owner of Northwest HVAC
Notifi keeps our job tracking straight. No fuss, just works.
Rick Sanders
President of Horizon Electric
Sending orders through Notifi, it’s a real time-saver.
Laura Benson
Owner at Benson-Olson Cleaning
Notifi helps keep our work organized, especially when we're scattered.
Henry Adams
Fiver Painting
I know where my guys are with Notifi. It's practical and easy.
Dan Murphy
Owner of Gilas Roofing
Managing the crew with Notifi. It's simple and effective.
Alex Rivera
Co-founder of River Landscapping
I prefer Notifi, it’s straightforward and doesn’t complicate things.
Gary Lee
Owner of First Class Carpentry

Our platform, your success

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Marketing Optimization
More bang for your marketing budget. Grow your business like never before.
Time Saved
Of time saved per week. Time now used to work on other priorities or just relax.
Increase in revenue. Notifi bridges the gap between hard work and customer satisfaction, ensuring every interaction counts and maximizes business opportunities

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