Text Message based CRM built for Service Businesses

(Your customers will ❤️ it!)

Notifi's AI-powered services CRM platform to help communicate with customers, increase sales, local SEO, quote, schedule, dispatch, invoice, receive payments and get reviews all in one place.

HVAC service specialist inspects equipment.

Grow Sales

Drive Growth, Win More Deals

Manage Jobs

Cut Costs, Boost Efficiency

Get Paid

Simplify Billing, Speed Up Cash

Build Credibility

Transform Text into Trusted Reviews


Win More Business, Increase Efficiency and Get Paid Instantly.

Screenshot of Notifi app contacts page.

Close More Deals

Notifi brings your communication world together with its all-in-one text inbox. Skip the email chase and close deals with the lightning speed and familiarity of text. Streamline your process, boost your bottom line, and text your way to sales success.


Quotes in Seconds

Text-based quotes let you respond faster, build trust with clear estimates, and outpace the competition. Send estimates instantly, collect secure e-signatures in seconds, and simplify deposits – all from your phone.

Screenshot of Notifi app deposit request page.
Screenshot of Notifi app's booking details page.
Schedule and Dispatch

Schedule Like a Boss

Slash wasted time by 30%, cut customer wait times in half, and boost your profits by 35%. Notifi's scheduling superpower puts your technicians in overdrive, keeps everyone on the same page, and gives you back control. Stop managing schedules, start dominating them.

Collaboration Tools

Teamwork on Autopilot

Instant updates, effortless task tracking, seamless photo/doc sharing - it's everything you need to keep projects moving and teams aligned. Bring all your chats together, fix problems in a flash, and build a visual record of success.

Screenshot of Notifi app's booking details page.
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Invoices and Payments

Get Paid 70% Faster

Notifi's text-based invoicing and payments. Merge communication and payments and Get paid up to 70% faster, accept payments on your phone with ease, and let our automatic reminders handle those awkward follow-ups.


Grab 5-Star Reviews

Boost your online reputation and attract more clients with Notifi's Text to Review. Text customers after a job and watch your Google Review volume soar by 60%. Positive reviews build trust and credibility, giving you the edge over competitors. It's the easiest way to shine online and win over customers.

Graph displaying growth of monthly website visitors.

Real stories, happy clients

Scheduling’s a breeze with Notifi. Really helps me out.
Bob Turner
Owner of Turner Plumbing
Notifi? It's straightforward for managing our daily jobs.
Carl Jennings
Director of Pro Maintainence Service
For hours and job tracking, Notifi does the job without complications.
Kevin Doyle
Owner of Northwest HVAC
Notifi keeps our job tracking straight. No fuss, just works.
Rick Sanders
President of Horizon Electric
Sending orders through Notifi, it’s a real time-saver.
Laura Benson
Owner at Benson-Olson Cleaning
Notifi helps keep our work organized, especially when we're scattered.
Henry Adams
Fiver Painting
I know where my guys are with Notifi. It's practical and easy.
Dan Murphy
Owner of Gilas Roofing
Managing the crew with Notifi. It's simple and effective.
Alex Rivera
Co-founder of River Landscapping
I prefer Notifi, it’s straightforward and doesn’t complicate things.
Gary Lee
Owner of First Class Carpentry

Our platform, your success

Marketing Optimization
Less marketing budget. Grow your business like never seen before with the right tools today
Time Saved
Saved from operations per week to focus on the right things.  
Increase in revenue. Notifi bridges the gap between hard work and customer satisfaction, ensuring every interaction counts and maximizes business opportunities

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